At Shan, we believe that the best work is born from a shared sense of vision, innovation, commitment & communication. Our executive leadership comprises of industry experts who impart these values within the organization to drive & deliver the best possible results.

"The biggest success is that you have contentment. Hopelessness is not allowed in our religion. You should be persistent. If you are constantly working towards some goal, the devine help is also there for you. If you don't have a goal unfortunately things would go bad for you."
Shan Foods Philosphy


Sikander Sultan is a Pakistani entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the founder and Chairman of Shan Foods Private Limited. Mr. Sultan started off with a dream from one room operation in 1981. He was the first person to recognize the potential in launching an independent company that produced hygienic, packaged high quality recipe mixes and plain spices.
40 years later, Mr. Sultan has established a company with a strong presence in over 70 countries across the globe. Today, Shan Foods is the number one choice of consumers due to its premium quality and traditional authentic taste.