Product Description

Shan Karahi Mix helps you prepare delicious and mouthwatering traditional Karahi for a perfect mealtime experience.


50g Serving Suggestion

Package List

Sachet Powder 25g
SP Powder 50g
DP Powder 100g
Bottle Cooking Sauce 310g

As per 50 gram

Ingredient Required

  1. Meat (1½ kg / 3.3 lbs

    small cubes
  2. Tomato 6-7 medium / 500g

  3. Garlic crushed 2 tablespoons

  4. Ginger Paste 1 tablespoon

  5. Green Chillies 6 medium

  6. Cilantro/Fresh Coriander Cilantro/Fresh Coriander

  7. Oil 1½ cups / 275 m

  8. Butter ½ cup / 85g

  9. Shan Karhai / Fry Gosht 1 packet

    mix in ½ cup water

Steps of Cooking

  1. Mix garlic, ginger paste and Shan Karahi Mix. Apply to meat and marinate for (Chicken 15 minutes, Goat/ Lamb/ Beef 1-2 hours +).
  2. Heat one cup oil and stir fry meat on high heat for 5-6 minutes. Add julienne ginger. Cover and cook on low heat until meat is tender (Chicken 10 minutes, Goat / Lamb / Beef 45 minutes).
  3. Separately heat ½ cup oil and add tomatoes. Cook on low heat until soft (5-6 minutes). Stir periodically.
  4. Add cooked tomatoes and green chillies to the cooked meat. On medium heat stir-fry meat until oil separates from masala. Stir constantly. If desired remove excessive oil. Add fresh coriander and butter. Stir fry and serve with hot naans.

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